AirGems Inc. proudly stands as a woman-owned, San Diego-based professional drone services company, co-founded by the dynamic duo of Stephanie and Jessica.

At AirGems Inc. innovation meets professionalism and expertise. Stephanie and Jessica's unique blend of construction industry know-how and cutting-edge drone skills positions the company as a partner ready to transform your projects into remarkable realities.


Drone Safety and Regulations: They've immersed themselves in courses dedicated to drone safety and the maze of regulations, ensuring that AirGems Inc operates not only creatively but also within the bounds of the law.

FAA Part 107 Drone Certification: Both founders have earned their FAA Part 107 drone certification, showcasing their mastery in safely piloting drones for commercial endeavors.

Advanced Drone Cinematography: Keen on taking their drone capabilities to the next level, Stephanie and Jessica have delved into Advanced Drone Cinematography courses. This added expertise equips them to capture awe-inspiring aerial visuals that take AirGems Inc's services to new heights.


Stephanie and Jessica bring a wealth of experience from the construction industry, where they've  honed their management, communication, and leadership skills. Combining this skills with thier passion for the creative potential of aerial imagery became the catalyst for the birth of AirGems Inc.


We invite clients to reach out to AirGems Inc, where our founders and their adept team are committed to guiding you toward outstanding outcomes, fueled by the boundless possibilities of drone technology. The sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning with AirGems Inc. Their product will indeed entice your buyers. 

To ensure the highest standards of service, Stephanie and Jessica have invested in rigorous training: